A commitment to quality, collaboration, and the environment.

Developed with extensive input from community members, the 3333 California project will be a place that brings new residents and existing neighbors together. More than five acres of the property is dedicated to green and open space, with residential and residential mixed-use buildings designed with sustainability in mind.


Much-needed housing, open space, childcare, and improved access to surrounding neighborhoods.

The 3333 California project will provide much-needed high-quality housing to the area with at least 558 new residential homes and 186 on-site Affordable Senior Homes. The project will incorporate curated, neighborhood-serving shops and a number of community benefits including employment, childcare—for both residents and employees—and gardens and open spaces to stroll, socialize, or have a quiet moment.

The project design emphasizes natural and sustainable materials and renewable energy. More than five acres of open area include landscaped spaces, including a public-access park, gardens, meadows, and tree groves, all celebrating the biodiversity of California’s native flora. New street connectors will invite the community in and improve access to surrounding neighborhoods.


Over 10 acres of transformational open space, residential homes, and mixed-use.






35,000 SQ FT


OVER 14,600 SQ FT


  • Creation of much-needed, high-quality housing for a broad range of San Franciscans
  • ~60% of total homes are family friendly: 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes
  • ~35,000 sf of high-quality shop space for future neighborhood-serving retail uses
  • Over 14,600 sf of child care space
  • More than 5 acres of open area, including flowering gardens, parks, trees, open space, and a large, publicly accessible green park at the corner of Euclid and Laurel Streets
  • Out-of-sight underground parking (including retail, commercial, and proposed public parking spaces) to enhance the current neighborhood parking
  • 857 parking spaces, including car share spaces and 29 childcare pick up and drop off spaces
  • New street connectors and walkways to improve access to surrounding neighborhoods and services, to create safe, beautiful, and walkable streets
  • Significant increase in number of street trees and the urban forestry canopy
  • LEED Gold or Platinum sustainability to improve air quality and lifestyle, including renewable energy and water retention and reuse
  • Expansion of biodiversity on site through Pine Street Steps, Cypress Square, and the Oak Meadow
  • Substantial community benefit fees toward open space, jobs, housing, schools, transportation and child care
  • Millions of dollars in new annual tax revenue to the City due to conversion from a public, tax exempt use (UCSF) to private residential mixed-use property
  • Affordable housing at or above City requirements to serve lower income San Franciscans

  • All Community Workshop #4 June 13, 2017, 6:30pm - 8pm

    In this meeting we shared the latest architectural and landscape design plans for the proposed project at 3333 California Street. Over the past 2 years, our team worked diligently to develop the proposed project design in collaboration with neighbors, community groups, the City and design advisors. Following this meeting, we submitted a Planning Application to the City of San Francisco, a required step in the City’s evaluation of our project entitlements. We will continue to collaborate with the community and City stakeholders to refine the project design as it moves through the City review process over the next 1.5-2 years.

    Format: Interactive stations with design team members.

    3200 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94118

  • All Community Workshop #3 October 26, 2015, 6pm-7:30pm

    In this meeting, we translated what we learned at the September meeting into site plan studies, architectural design ideas, proposed uses, and how these uses interact on and off the site through circulation, mobility options and community interfaces.  We also reviewed building massing and the relationship of buildings on the site to each other and to the surrounding neighborhoods. The community was encouraged to provide interactive feedback.

    Format:  Interactive stations with design team members.

    3200 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94118

  • All Community Project Presentation February 1, 2016, 6pm-8pm

    The team presented a comprehensive conceptual design for the project and included landscape and site design, architectural drawings, proposed building uses, project program, and referential design images. This presentation brought together the feedback and design work developed during the course of the community workshops over the previous eight months. The design presented on February 1st also formed the basis for the Preliminary Plan Assessment (PPA) and Environmental Evaluation Assessment (EEA) that was filed with the Planning Department. The PPA is an initial planning application that enables City Planning Staff to understand the conceptual design and provide initial comments and feedback. The PPA does not go before the Planning Commission or other legislative boards, and no official action can be taken regarding the approval of the proposed project under this preliminary application. The EEA application forms the basis of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis of the project. The application enables the sponsor to begin the technical studies of the project impacts, including but not limited to traffic and transportation. 

    Format: Formal presentation by the design and development team members.

  • All Community Workshop #2 September 21, 2015 6pm-7:30pm

    In the meeting we shared what we learned in the July community meeting, how that feedback informed our design values, and presented urban design imagery that we believed to be responsive to those values. The community had the opportunity to provide feedback and engage directly with the design team. The topics covered included pedestrian experience, open space/landscape, mobility, neighborhood context, mix of uses, architectural design elements and sustainability. Similar to the July workshop, the format was interactive stations hosted by the design team members.

    Format: Interactive stations with design team members.

    3200 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94118

  • All Community Workshop #1 July 22, 2015 6pm

    This meeting focused on the site and the surrounding neighborhood as it is today.  The turnout was impressive and we received a lot of great feedback about the neighborhood, what people like, issues of concern with redevelopment, and ideas that our project could incorporate that could enhance the community.

    Format: Interactive stations with design team members.

    3200 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94118

  • Team & Project Intro Meeting March - August 2015

    Getting to know us is as important as getting to know you. To that end, the 3333CALSF project team started community outreach and met with adjacent neighborhood organizations. These initial meetings helped put faces-to-names, provided an overview of the entitlement process and schedule, and discussed our plans to receive community input throughout the process. 

    Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors (PHAN) ­ 5/21/2015
    Jordan Park Improvement Association ­ 5/27/2015
    Planning Association of Richmond (PAR) 6/9/2015
    Anza Vista Civic Improvement Club ­ 7/2/2015
    Pacific Heights Residents Association (PHRA) ­ 7/6/2015
    Laurel Village Merchants Association (LVMA) ­ 7/21/2015
    Laurel Heights Improvement Association (LHIA) ­ 7/30/2015
    Sacramento Street Merchants Association ­ 8/4/2015