About 3333 CalSF

3333 California is an opportunity to expand the Laurel Heights neighborhood and create new residential housing in a park-like setting, to be enjoyed by residents and immediate neighbors. Our talented landscape and architectural designers envision this project as having a unique sense of place that will enhance the community by offering high quality housing, a variety of landscaped gardens and open spaces, as well as a mix of community serving uses. 3333 California has been developed with community members through a two-year visioning and planning process and more than 100 neighborhood meetings.

  • Transformational 10+acre mixed-use development featuring:
  • Creation of much-needed, high quality housing for a broad range of San Franciscans
  • Approx. 60% of total homes are family friendly 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom
  • Removal of 360,000 sf of existing office space and replacing it with approx. 50,000 sf of Class A office space
  • Approx. 50,000 sf of high-quality retail space for future neighborhood serving uses
  • Approx. 15,000 sf of child care space
  • Over 5 acres of gardens and open space, including a large signature publicly accessible park at the corner of Euclid and Laurel
  • Out of sight underground parking (including retail, commercial, and public) to improve the current neighborhood parking ratios
  • 895 parking spaces, including car share spaces and 60 public parking spaces
  • New street connectors and walkways to improve access to surrounding neighborhoods and services, bringing back safe and beautiful streets
  • Significant increase in number of street trees and the urban forestry canopy
  • LEED Gold or Platinum sustainability to improve air quality and lifestyle, including renewable energy and water retention and reuse
  • Preservation and enlargement of biodiversity on site through Pine Street Redwood Urban Forest, Cypress Square, and  Oak Meadows
  • Substantial community benefit fees toward open space, jobs, housing, schools, transportation and child care
  • Millions of dollars in new annual tax revenue to the City due to conversion from a public, tax exempt use (UCSF) to private residential mixed-use base
  • Plan to provide affordable housing consistent with City requirements for low to moderate income San Franciscans

Site Map

By the Numbers


2016 PPA

2017 PA



558 Units

558 Units

0 Units


59,915 SF

54,967 SF

-4,948 SF


49,999 SF

49,999 SF

0 SF

Possible Child Care

0 SF

14,620 SF

+14,620 SF


12,455 SF

0 SF

-12,455 SF


885 Stalls

895 Stalls

+10 Stalls

Proposed Open Space





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City Submittals

Entitlement Applications & Reports
Preliminary Project Assessment & Environmental Evaluation Applications

Planning Application Submittal July 2017

Revised Environmental Evaluation Submittal – March 06, 2017

PPA/EEA Design Renderings Feb 2016

PPA By the Numbers Feb 2016

PPA/EEA City Cover letter March 2016

PPA/EEA Project Description March 206

Preliminary Project Assessment March 2016

Environmental Evaluation Application March 2016

PPA/EEA Drawings – General & Landscape March 2016

PPA/EEA Drawings – California Street Architecture March 2016

PPA/EEA Drawings – Presidio Street Architecture March 2016

PPA/EEA Drawings – Existing building, Masonic, Euclid and Laurel Architecture March 2016

San Francisco Planning Department Letters

Preliminary Project Assessment July 2016

Environmental Reports

Initial Study

Notice of Availability of an Initial Study