Meet the Team

Design and vision
for the long term.

The best projects require a team that can harmoniously blend ideas into the existing environment with high quality open spaces, thoughtful buildings, people-oriented gathering spaces, and community serving uses. The 3333 California conceptual design team was hand-picked for its award-winning track record, design-forward thinking, community orientation, and unwavering commitment to quality.
Dan Safier portrait

Dan Safier

Prado Group
Dan Kingsley portrait

Dan Kingsley

Cindy Park portrait

Cindy Park

Prado Group

Don Bragg

Prado Group
Jing Ng portrait

Jing Ng

Prado Group
Lisa Congdon portrait

Lisa Congdon

Prado Group
Mark Jensen portrait

Mark Jensen

Jensen Architects
Emily Gosack portrait

Emily Gosack

Jensen Architects
Chris Haegglund portrait

Chris Haegglund

BAR Architects
David Israel portrait

David Israel

BAR Architects

Zach Prowda

BAR Architects
Chris Pemberton portrait

Chris Pemberton

SCB Architects
Vern Lohman portrait

Vern Lohman

SCB Architects

Strachan Forgan

SCB Architects
David Meyer portrait

David Meyer

Cole Roberts portrait

Cole Roberts

Kirstin Weeks portrait

Kirstin Weeks

Rowan Roderick-Jones portrait

Rowan Roderick-Jones

James Corner portrait

James Corner

James Corner Field Operations